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Shimu Akter (10) is gang raped and murdered ||BD420

    Shimu Akter (10) is gang raped and murdered brutally in Haatimara, 

a village in Monohargonj, Comilla, in 5th of March. Alas! the poor man's daughter haven't got enough media coverage yet! She is the symbol of our sisters, 

nieces and daughters. Listen, I couldn't upload her slaughtered face😰 She is the daughter of a poor landless farmer

Her parents, local people and nearby school students are protesting for justice. Human rights activists should help the poor family by providing free legal support. 

We should raise our voice against this heinous deed.March is the month of national spirit and promise to us. Let us all promise on this historic 7th March to make this country a heaven for children and everyone. Otherwise, mere slogans won't feed us for so long!
Can't we share the post and make everyone concern to seek justice? Let's do it the way we do for Syrian, Yemeni and Rakhain children.

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