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Law should be same for everyone | Salman Khan

Law should be same for everyone..!! No doubt.. In India, every 30mints a girl is raped, nobody bats an eye..

 Every day thousands of road accidents happens, nobody bats an eye.. So many animals were killed in india, nobody bats an eye..!! Because They are not Salman Khan
I agree he has done some mistakes in his past life but at the same time let me Remind you what he has done for others -
● Donates his 75% of salary to Being Human Foundation

● Donated his bone marrow to save a girl's life 

● Every year he saves 1000 of children from cancer

● Helped Numerous artist to show their potential and make theirs name in Bollywood

● Adapt Villages & donates money for the betterment of Children.. 

Just like a coin has two sides, so does a Human Being 


Don't worry, Haters will never gonna appreciate the good stuffs he has done but will always criticize on his past life

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