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Was Gary Sanchez hurt in plays he’s being ripped for? || RIGHTBD

Gary Sanchez may have an explanation after all.
The catcher, whose loafing cost the Yankees on Monday night, may have re-aggravated the groin injury that had him on the DL prior to the All-Star break, according to Jon Heyman of Fancred.
After the game, which ended with Sanchez being out at first after he did not sprint out of the box — his second seemingly lackadaisical play of the day — he took ownership of the hustle without blaming an injury.
“I think I could’ve done a better job for sure there running,” Sanchez said. “I hit the ball well. And the play developed. When I saw the runner safe at second base, I tried to beat the play. I couldn’t.”
According to Heyman, Sanchez may have been afraid to tell the team initially because he doesn’t want to go back on the DL.
If Sanchez does miss more time, Austin Romine would again take up the reins behind the plate.
Sanchez has been struggling this season, hitting an abysmal .188. The revisited injury news only adds to his woes.
Fla. -- One day after two horrid displays of hustle and situational awareness, the New York Yankees find themselves at their first real crossroads of the Aaron Boone managerial era.
As the hours until the announcement of the Yankees' Tuesday night lineup tick by, the one question shared by so many between Southwest Florida and the Bronx is this: What will Boone do about Gary Sanchez?

Will the first-year skipper bench his struggling catcher who just gave lackadaisical effort Monday on a pair of crucial plays in a one-run loss? Or will he stay true to his mostly patient coaching demeanor and continue to start him? Also, if a benching does come, how long will it last? One game? Two? Three? More?
Many Yankees fans sounding off on social media want to see Sanchez sit.
At the end of the day, though, it's up to the man in charge to determine what if any punishment will be levied. (And no, Twitterverse, Sanchez won't be cut or offered right now for trade bait. His right arm is still a threat to would-be base stealers, and his bat, despite this season's struggles, is fierce, too.)

If one report Tuesday morning is true, Sanchez could be getting benched Tuesday, but not for performance-based reasons. According to Fancred and MLB Network's Jon Heyman, Sanchez in Monday's game may have re-aggravated a groin injury that put him on the disabled list for nearly a month. He just came off it last week.
Per Heyman, Sanchez didn't initially tell the team about possibly re-aggravating the injury over fears of heading back to the DL.
Just after the game, though, Sanchez said through an interpreter that the groin strain was "definitely behind me." Boone expanded upon that, saying, "He should be able to get after it. He's here and back, and should be fine getting after things."

If Sanchez, who comes into Tuesday's game against the Tampa Bay Rays batting just .188 doesn't get benched, it could send a problematic message to other Yankees players.
In case you missed it, here's what Sanchez failed to do in Monday's 7-6 loss:

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